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Hair Loss

Hair loss refers to excessive loss of hair from the scalp. It is customary to lose some hair each day (50-100 strands) as a part of the cycle of growing and shedding hair. However, when the hair loss is excess, it becomes a cause for concern.

Hair loss is the first sign of distress within the body; so, it needs to be taken seriously. This is because the health of your hair and your scalp provide insightful cues into a host of latent disorders – such as thyroid problems, diabetes and heart diseases – much before a clinical diagnosis is established.

Hair loss, therefore, requires a personalized approach for treatment. The selection of treatment is based on diagnosing the exact cause of hair loss, extent of hair loss, grade of baldness as well as condition of the hair and scalp.

Our doctors will conduct a video microscopy test and customize a treatment plan best suited to meet your expectations and needs.

Hair Loss Conditions:

  • Alopecia Areata
  • Female Pattern Bladness
  • Male Pattern Bladness
  • Psoriasis Scalp
  • Seborrhoeic Dermatitis
  • Trichotillomania


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