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Neurological cases

The nervous system is made up of a net work of complex fibers known as nerves that thread through out the human body like house hold wiring. The nerves conduct electrical signals back and forth between the brain and the different parts of the body.

The nervous system consists of 3 different systems which connect to a particular part of the brain :

  • The motor nerves system, which controls the muscles of the body
  • The sensory nervous system, which channels information from the five main bodily senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and the sensation of the pain to the brain.
  • The autonomic nervous system, which controls automatic functions such as breathing, heart beat and digestion.

There is no system of the human organism that demands, for an intelligent interpretation of its disease, as definite a knowledge of its anatomy, physiology, histology and pathology as does the nervous system.

Common neurological problems and causes – The common nerve disorders causing neurological complaints are neuritis, herpes, polio, ganglion, epilepsy, Parkinson’s diseases, sclerosis, tetany, degenerative brain disorders, etc. Other than nerve disorders, other systemic diseases can also cause neurological complaints i.e. diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, SLE, leprosy, gout, diphtheria, tuberculosis, syphilis, etc.


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